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              Retail Compliance Programs

              How to exceed retailer expectations

              If you’re currently navigating the fast-paced changes large retailers are making to their retail compliance programs, such as on time in full (OTIF), we have the information you need to understand retail compliance programs and how to exceed retailer expectations.

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              How can C.H.?Robinson help with retail compliance?

              As more retailers implement retail compliance programs, you need a company who understands the importance of consistently delivering on time in full. More often than ever, you’ll need ways to reduce or eliminate costly penalties from retailers with new strategies to meet and exceed retailer requirements.

              In our latest webinar, our retail and supply chain experts discuss:?

              • Why retailers are creating retail compliance programs
              • How customers can exceed compliance expectations
              • The advantages a 3PL can bring to retail compliance strategies

              Want more in-depth guidance about retail compliance?

              Let’s customize your retail shipping

              Inbound solutions

              Taking control of inbound freight can help reduce inventory, increase visibility, improve cash-to-cash cycles, and save on transportation. Key to differentiating inbound shipping is our ability to aggregate multi-modal carrier relationships.

              Omni-channel solutions

              Whether your goods are flowing through your storefront or directly to a customer’s front door, create an efficient omni-channel strategy for your business using our full suite of global logistics services.

              Fulfillment & inventory

              Timing and real time visibility are critical to retail inventories. Prepare to handle unplanned shipments at a moment’s notice with our scale and technology—whether the items flow through traditional replenishment channels or not.

              Consolidation services

              Reliably meet OTIF requirements with a strong consolidation strategy. With the largest footprint of consolidation services in North America, our experts understand compliance regulations and can help you exceed expectations.

              Last mile services

              Together we can develop an effective first and last mile strategy that can improve customer relationships, meet special delivery requirements, avoid costs, and differentiate you in today’s rapidly growing ecommerce landscape.

              Visibility & analytics

              Your retail supply chain deserves real time visibility to your merchandise and powerful business analytics to consistently improve your overall operations. Our industry leading technology provides it.